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the footsteps of eston ironstone miners

  • These 24 amazing pictures show the history of the Eston ...

    2015-11-19 · Eston Residents Association has produced "Born of Iron - Made of Steel" - a fascinating mix of words, articles and amazing pictures documenting the 165 years since Bolckow and Vaughan found ...

  • Towns and Villages Around Middlesbrough | Eston

    The population of Eston was 465 in 1851. This soon expanded as miners came from allover the country, and particularly Cornwall, to dig the ironstone for a living. A cluster of cottages built to house these miners was named California, as a tribute to the American Goldrush miners.

  • Eston Archives

    The Eston Residents Association have put in a lot of effort to make sure the towns mining past isn''t forgotten. A ''book'' in the middle of the square gives a history of the town. A number of plaques adorn the railings and seats around the square. A replica ironstone tub stands in a nearby flower garden.

  • People''s Collection

    Lots of black and white video footage of the miners at work and the journey of the ironstone. Middlesbrough grew around ironworks from mid 19th century, personalities involved, history of ironworks Balco and Vaughan and their need for their own smelting and ironstone - early supplies limited or transport difficult, but Eston different.

  • Eston Archives

    1. Show on map. Charles Acklam Tyreman was killed in the Eston Ironstone mines on September 2nd 1907 aged 23. He was kirving (a coal mining term for undercutting) in the bottom part of the seam when a piece of stone suddenly burst away from a natural break in the upper part of the seam, and, falling upon him, caused fatal injuries.

  • The Story of the Ironstone Miners of Eston

    2018-2-9 · The Story of the Ironstone Miners of Eston. In the shadow of Roseberry Topping, family historian Carol Hagland''s ancestors had earned their crust as …

  • Bolckow & V 2

    2021-11-15 · The fifteen years following the ironstone discovery saw the company''s capital rise to £2½ million. Bolckow & Vaughan''s example was not ignored. Within a year of Eston mines opening, other companies flooded the area, quickly buying …

  • Pinchinthorpe

    2015-1-7 · The view north-west over Eston towards Teesside - the River Tees can just be seen (top left) through the haze. From Eston Nab, follow the escarpment path south-west passing Carr Pond - a host to much fauna and flora. At this …

  • Eston Ironstone Bible

    Copy & Paste Forum Code. To display this photograph in a forum message please copy the text below and paste it into your forum message: [photo]93519[/photo]

  • Eston and Normandby Ironstone Mines

    2021-11-27 · Description. Richard Pepper,A5, PB 24pp. The full details of the very famous Eston ironstone mine, which triggered the industrial growth of Teesside and the establishment of the local iron making industry. Eston Mine opened in 1850 and worked until September 1949, in that time some 63M tons of stone were worked.

  • Eston Ironstone Mines

    2016-7-28 · 18.04.16 Make a midge (deputy/miner''s lamp) 25.04.16 Maths work related to work covered in class 02.05.16 Reading (minimum of 5 times) English work linked to work cov-ered in class 09.05.16 Make your own mining tool 16.05.16 Maths work related to work covered in class 23.05.16 Eston Ironstone work

  • Ironstone Miners Lodges and Banners – East Cleveland''s ...

    2019-7-25 · 25th July 2019. 5th November 2020. Chris Twigg. ''North Yorkshire and Cleveland Miners Association'' was a trade union of ironstone miners, formed in 1872 by Joseph Shepherd. They worked to increased miners'' wages by 45% …

  • There''s iron in them thar hills: the great Moors iron rush ...

    2017-3-9 · Ironstone miners at a mine entrance in about 1900. Photo: Rosedale Local History Society ... Eston, and Hinderwell on the coast. Then came that discovery of 67 per cent pure iron up on the Moors ...

  • Eston Ironstone Mine (1850-1949) | Co-Curate

    Guibal Fanhouse Eston 1. Pinned by Simon Cotterill. Co-Curate Page. John Vaughan, 1799-1868. - Summary About John Vaughan John Vaughan, born 21st December 1799, was an ironmaster and discovered Ironstone in the Cleveland Hills in June 1850. In partnership with Henry Bolckow, he was ...

  • Eston | Cleveland & Teesside Local History Society

    1850 Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. began to exploit a workable seam of ironstone in Eston Hills. 1851 Eston Ironstone Mine began production. 1852 Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. established Eston Iron works. 1852-3 The miners'' cottages that came to be known as California were built. 1856 The Oddfellows Hall was opened.

  • Durham Mining Museum

    1. Show on map. Charles Acklam Tyreman was killed in the Eston Ironstone mines on September 2nd 1907 aged 23. He was kirving (a coal mining term for undercutting) in the bottom part of the seam when a piece of stone suddenly burst away from a natural break in the upper part of the seam, and, falling upon him, caused fatal injuries.

  • Eston Mines 1864 | Cleveland Mining Heritage Society

    2013-12-18 · Lead-miners seem to work in a confined orifice, pitmen will peck in an eighteen-inch seam; here in this well-ordered ironstone the men work in caverns as imposing as an Indian temple. Four hundred and eighty men work in the Eston mines; they consume a ton of powder a week in blasting, and send out 2,800 tons a-day of iron ore.

  • Walking Routes

    2021-12-9 · Ironstone Heritage Trail. A 27km (17mile) walk from Eston to Skinningrove. Heritage Trail.pdf. ... Eston Moor is lowland heath, a rare and important habitat. Eston Moor.pdf ... The Miners Way.pdf. The Geology of Eston Hills. The combination of geology, industrial archaeology, diverse wildlife, habitats and recreational areas. ...


    2016-1-18 · In 1847, Samuel Frederick Okey discovered a seam of ironstone at Skinningrove. Convinced that there was a plentiful supply of ironstone to be found close to their works in Middlesbrough, Vaughan and mining engineer John Marley surveyed the area and discovered a rich mainseam of ironstone in the Eston hills. Mines quickly opened across Cleveland.

  • Eston | Cleveland Mining Heritage Society

    Guibal Fan House at Huntcliffe 2014 - Photo by Eric Barker. From the Normanby mine over one million pounds worth of ironstone went to keep alive the blast furnaces and steel plants along the banks of the Tees. The mine was in …

  • Ironstone Mines « East Cleveland Image Archive

    A miner can be seen drilllng a hole for the charges. He is using a hand ratchet drill, the improvised platform he is standing on looks perilously shaky. David Richardson tells us: "Image from Eston Mine, a miner drilling a shot hole in the thick seam district (with an average height of 16ft) using a hand rotary drill (likely a Blackett Hutton).

  • James Dennis (senior) | Michelle Dennis Family History

    1879 – Gilchrist and Thomas pioneer a world first at Eston Steelworks. Their process of making steel with phosphoric ironstone saves Cleveland and revolutionises steel-making throughout the world. 1885 – The Cleveland Ironstone industry peaks with 40 pits and 10,000 miners yielding over 6 millions tons of ironstone a year.

  • Eston Mines Revisited | FMTTM

     · The easiest way so as not to get lost is drive through Eston square past the Miners on the left and the police station on the right take the next right up east row keep going as far as you can and you will be able to park on the road, at the top of the road on the left hand side is a cut go through the cut an through 2 anti motorcycle gates ...

  • Normanby Local History Group

    The Online Journal Of Normanby Local History Group

  • 170 years of Teesside iron and steel (1851-2021) | The ...

    2021-8-7 · ESTON mine closed after 99 years, during which 63m tons of ironstone had been removed and 375 miners killed. The Great Cleveland Orefield finally finished on January 17, 1964, with the closure of ...

  • Travel North

    2021-11-23 · With the commercial opening of ironstone working at the base of the Eston escarpment in 1850, leases to work the ore were secured by Messrs Bolckow Vaughan to remove the stone from Eston''s mining operations. Five main estates were involved - to secure ''wayleaves'' from - three to the north of the escarpment owned by 1.

  • Cleveland Ironstone Story – Part 2 – Where are the mines ...

    2018-3-26 · Cleveland Ironstone Story – Part 2 – Where are the mines ? 26th March 2018. 15th February 2019. Chris Twigg. Early ironmaking may date as far back as Roman times, multiple furnaces were in existence at Rievaulx Abbey by …

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